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Progression to Psychology Honours

Progression decisions are made by the Progression Board, which meets after the Boards of Examiners to consider students’ progression status based on their course marks across all courses. The Progression Board meets after the end of Semester 2 in late June/early July, and again in September after the August resit period.  

Entry to Psychology Honours requires:  

  • a mean mark of 50% or above for Psychology 2A and 2B combined (with a minimum of 40% achieved at the first attempt in both courses) 
  • a mark of 40% or above in DAPR 2, achieved at the first attempt 
  • a total of 200 credits achieved in total over years 1 and 2 
  • Students on Joint Degrees with Psychology must also meet any other progression requirements for their other subject as listed in their Degree Programme Table.

Students who have not met the Honours criteria or who have not achieved enough credits will not be able to progress into Honours in Psychology. Students in this situation will be asked to attend a meeting with the School’s Senior Personal Tutor to discuss their options, which may include transferring to another degree programme: this may be another Honours degree, based on the student’s outside courses, or the non-Honours BA (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences) degree programme. 

BA Arts Humanities and Social Sciences Degree

Students who have met the Honours criteria but who are missing credits from outside courses will receive a “deferred” progression decision in June. This means that, where appropriate, students must attempt the resit for courses that have been failed.

Students who are missing up to 40 credits of outside courses after the August resit period (i.e. passed a total of 200 credits but otherwise met the Honours criteria) will normally be allowed to progress to year 3 with a “conditional progression”. This means that progression is conditional on students taking and passing further Pre-Honours (level 7/8) courses, in addition to the normal third year programme.

Students MUST pass these additional courses and achieve a total of 360 credits by the end of Year 3 in order to be allowed to progress into Year 4.  

Special Circumstances

In considering Special Circumstances, the Progression Board follows recommendations of the Special Circumstances Committee and the Board of Examiners. If you believe that your performance has been affected by Special Circumstances, you MUST report the circumstances and submit a Special Circumstances application within ONE WEEK of your final assessment or exam for the semester.

Important note: Special Circumstances which are only revealed after the Special Circumstances deadline can only be considered if there is evidence of exceptional reasons why they were unable able to be reported at the time.  

The Special Circumstances Committee may recommend that students take the August exams as a first sitting. The Special Circumstances Committee will inform students on an individual basis which paper(s) to sit and whether coursework marks will be carried forward. Students who are permitted to take August exams as a first sit will receive a “deferred” progression decision in June, and their progression will be considered by the Progression Board after the August resit period. Students who are permitted to take August exams as a first sit will be eligible to enter Honours if they meet the standard criteria.  

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have questions or concerns about progression to Honours, you can speak with your Personal Tutor and/or the Student Support Office (

PPLS Student Support Office