What is the policy on working out-of-hours?

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What is the policy on working out-of-hours?


Normal working week (servitor cover)

Monday to Friday - 8.00 am to 5.30 pm

After hours working (no servitor cover)

Monday to Friday - 5.30 pm to 9.00 pm

Saturday and Sunday - 9.00 am to 9.00 pm

Building entry after hours
Staff and postgraduates holding a university staff card and Y3/Y4 undergraduates only, holding a valid matriculation card which allows access to the building, may do normal work in offices, computer labs and library after hours.

The late working book (servitor’s desk by the entry door) should ALWAYS be signed on entering and leaving the building.

Vacate the building by 9.30 pm

Front gate is locked by university security at 10.00pm Monday to Sunday

Research work after hours (Non-Participants)
Research work, which does not involve especially hazardous activities or the use of participants, may be carried out after hours, provided that explicit permission has been given by a supervisory member of the academic staff, after due consideration of the risks, and adequate supervision is employed.

Research work after hours (Participants)

Before any research work using participants is carried out within the department, the relevant ethical permission must be obtained. If the researcher is testing participants out of hours, then the following rules must be followed:

  No participant may be admitted to the building less than one hour before the end of working hours. Therefore, the last participant access is 8 pm.
  Visitors and participants must be signed into the late working book on arrival, and signed out on exit.
  Participants must be escorted from the building by the researcher (ie the researcher must witness them leave the building).
  If participant payment is offered, researchers should keep no more than one payment in the testing room. This is to minimise vulnerability to theft.
  It is strongly recommended that researchers testing participants after hours should not work alone, but should work in pairs or groups, to minimise personal vulnerability.

Security checks
The University security staff have the authority to ask the identity of anyone found in the building outside normal working hours and to check this information against the late working book.