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Weeks 7 to 11

Day, Time & Location

Lecture 1: Tuesday 10:00-10:50, Teviot Lecture Theatre (Doorway 5), Medical School.

Lecture 2: Wednesday 11:10-12:00, Lecture Theatre 4, Appleton Tower

Just one model: ANOVA and regression
In this lecture, we will explicitly pull together elements of the previous lectures to demonstrate the equivalence of ANOVA and regression models, broadly referred to as general linear models.
Just one model: ANOVA and regression
In this lecture, we will continue to look at the equivalence of ANOVA and regression, addressing the reasons why it is preferable to think about GLM's with a focus on model assumptions.
Conceptual refresh of repeated measures designs
In this lecture we will discussed repeated measure ANOVA and the associated experimental designs.
Repeated measures ANOVA & linear mixed models
Here we will continue to discuss repeated measures ANOVA, and integrate this with the general linear model through a conceptual introduction to mixed models.
In this lecture we will take a close look at the use of LMM's for simple repeated measures designs.
David Hume Tower, Lecture Theatre C
Linear mixed models for more complex designs
In this lecture we will show how we can extend LMM for (slightly) more complex designs. Though the method itself can deal with highly complex studies, we will focus on those typically applied to psychology projects.
Logistic Regression
Up until this point in the course, our dependent variables have been measured on a continuous scale. Here we introduce the principle of generalized linear models - or in other words, models with dependent variables at different levels of measurement. We will focus on logistic regression for binary outcomes.
Logistic Regression
Here we will continue our discussion of logistic regression with a practical example.
Power Analysis
In RMS1, we introduced the idea of power alongside hypothesis testing. We will come back to power here, and discuss the calculation of power via calculations and monte carlo simulation.
Power analysis & course wrap up.
In the final lecture of the course, we will finish off our discussion of power analysis by simulation, and we will have some time for an open Q&A session in preparation for the exam.