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In 4th year, we offer a set of courses that are grouped below under the broad headings of the core curriculum in psychology advocated by the British Psychological Society (www.bps.org.uk). Each course consists of 10 hours of teaching. Combined honours students should ensure that they select courses that will enable them to complete the requirements for the Graduate Basis of Registration in their degree by taking at honours level courses which cover the core 5 areas biological, differential, social, developmental and cognitive psychology. The courses that count for BPS accreditation are taken across Year 3 and Year 4, so if you didn't cover a particular area in Year 3, make sure you do so this year!

PPLS Writing Centre

The PPLS Writing Centre is designed to help all of our students grow as writers.   They have an ever-expanding database of documents and articles to provide guidance and answer your questions.  They also offer both one-on-one appointments with personalised feedback and group workshops on a variety of topics.
Whether you're trying to get started on an assignment or just looking to put the finishing touches on your dissertation, you're sure to find a way to improve your academic writing by paying them a visit: http://writingcentre.ppls.ed.ac.uk/

Lunchtime seminar series on psychology careers

In semester 2, we'll be launching a seminar series where we invited psychology professionals to talk about their careers. 

Outreach course

This year, we will be offering a 20-credit outreach course where students will have a chance to work in the community. For more information, see here. A Q&A session with Dr Bonnie Auyeung who is coordinating this course will be organised in the first couple of weeks of the academic year 2017/18. 

BPS areas of option courses

The following table classifies the 4th year courses into the five broad areas above. Combined honours students should consult their Personal Tutor or the Course Organiser to ensure that they are taking a set of courses that covers the requirements. Many courses cover more than one core area.


  1. Consciousness & Perceptual Awareness
  2. Moral Judgement & Behaviour
  3. Working Memory
  4. Developmental Psychopathology


  1. Consciousness & Perceptual Awareness
  2. Intelligence, Personality & Health
  3. Marxist Psychology
  4. Moral Judgement & Behaviour
  5. Psycholinguistics of language production
  6. Working Memory
  7. Developmental Psychopathology
  8. Intimate Relationships

Individual Differences:

  1. Causes and Consequences of Personality
  2. Debates in Current Personality
  3. Intelligence, Personality & Health
  4. Marxist Psychology
  5. Parapsychology
  6. Psychological Therapies
  7. Social Psychological Approaches to Health
  8. Developmental Psychopathology
  9. Intimate Relationships


  1. Class: The Psychology of Wealth, Poverty & Social Rank
  2. Critical Social Psychology
  3. Debates in Current Personality
  4. Intelligence, Personality & Health
  5. Moral Judgement & Behaviour
  6. Parapsychology
  7. Psychological Therapies
  8. Psychology of Counselling
  9. Social Psychological Approaches to Health
  10. Intimate Relationships


  1. Children with Language Impairments
  2. Psycholinguistics of language production
  3. Social Psychological Approaches to Health
  4. Developmental Psychopathology
  5. Intimate Relationships

The Tutorial Course (PSYL10090) is compulsory for single honours students and optional for combined honours and intercalated medical students. Students take two blocks of tutorials, with a different tutor for each, across the two semesters (Blocks 2 & 3).