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BPS Scotland Undergraduate Conference

Every year the British Psychological Society hosts an Undergraduate Conference. This is a great opportunity for final year students to present their dissertation findings to other students, and for third and fourth years to hear about the research being carried out by their peers around Scotland.  Last year the conference was held at Edinburgh University and was a great success, and this year the University of Glasgow will be the host.

This year the conference will be held on Saturday 24th March at the University of Glasgow and there is no charge to attend.

There will be a Future’s Fair with representatives from BPS Divisions and a Career’s Fair (in collaboration with the Career’s Service from the University of Glasgow), as well as workshops, free lunch, and Dr Lisa DeBruine will be the keynote speaker. 

All students who wish to attend the conference, including those who do not wish to speak at the conference, need to register here.

Students wishing to present their work should prepare a short abstract of their research and submit it for review by midnight on Sunday, 11th February 2018 here.

Presentations will be 10 minutes followed by 5 minutes for questioning, and another 5 minutes is allowed between presentations for students to move between rooms.

Psychology Dissertation Dinner

We would like to celebrate dissertation submissions by inviting you all to dinner in town on Wednesday 28th March. The location will be Brewhemia. Please save the date for now, and the (free) tickets will be released in early February. 

PPLS Writing Centre

The PPLS Writing Centre is designed to help all of our students grow as writers.   They have an ever-expanding database of documents and articles to provide guidance and answer your questions.  They also offer both one-on-one appointments with personalised feedback and group workshops on a variety of topics.
Whether you're trying to get started on an assignment or just looking to put the finishing touches on your dissertation, you're sure to find a way to improve your academic writing by paying them a visit: http://writingcentre.ppls.ed.ac.uk/

Lunchtime seminar series on psychology careers

In semester 2, we're holding a seminar series where we invited psychology professionals to talk about their careers. See here for the topics of the first few seminars.