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Tutorial Course

Course Organiser: Dr Hannah Cornish

Short description:

This course is very different from other courses in the curriculum. It does not deal with a specific topic, branch of psychology or methodological approach. Rather, it offers students the opportunity to reflect on what they have learned during their study and to integrate their knowledge across a range of psychological topics. It encourages critical thinking, discussion and creativity. It is intended to raise awareness of the role of psychology in society. Teaching is in small groups, and students are given the opportunity to present their work, and to obtain immediate feedback from their tutors as well as from their peers. While the abilities developed in this course are likely to be helpful when writing the general paper, its scope is meant to go well beyond that and to offer useful transferable skills for future professional development. The course consists of two blocks of 5 tutorials, five in block 2 (semester 1, weeks 7-11) and five in block 3 (semester 2, weeks 1-5), each block with a different tutor. Students will be prompted to select group preferences electronically via Learn and will be given information about the times, topics, and delivery formats (online asynchronous, online synchronous, or on-campus) of the tutorials nearer the time.

The course is compulsory for single honours and optional for joint honours and intercalated medical students.

Learning outcomes:

The course is intended to enhance the following skills:

1. Critical thinking about psychology and its relations to other sciences

2. Appreciation for the social relevance of psychology

3. Identification of crucial issues in current debates and controversies

4. Construction of arguments based on knowledge from a range of psychological topics.


Participation 10%

90% either a PowerPoint presentation, a poster or essay (maximum length 1000 words).

One assessment will take place each semester. Assessment through PowerPoint presentation or poster will take place on the last day of the tutorial, unless agreed otherwise with the tutor.

All tutorial assessments must be submitted electronically through an own work declaration confirmation form and Turnitin link in Learn.  The electronic submission allows us to check for plagiarism and word count.

The submission deadline must be observed. Failure to comply with the deadline without good reason will incur mark penalties as follows:

  • Up to 7 calender days, 5 marks per calender day will be deducted
  • More than 7 calender days late a mark of zero will be given