The Trevarthen Award for Community Engagement

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The Trevarthen Award for Community Engagement

Trevarthen Award for Community Engagement

The Trevarthen Award for Community Engagement was established within Psychology at the University of Edinburgh in academic year 2014-15. The award is for finishing fourth-year students who, during their undergraduate degree, have used their psychological expertise in paid or volunteer work in the wider community, and/or have worked to raise the profile of the field of Psychology in the community. There is no strict requirement on the ‘amount’ of community involvement required for this award, though it is anticipated that this would have extended for three or more months.

To enter for the award, after the fourth-year exams are finished, a student should write a brief report (maximum 1000 words) describing the community activities in which they have been involved, the expertise that they took to the activity, and what relevant experience they took away from the activity. The report should include some estimate of the total extent of the experience (in terms of span of involvement, and total hours spent), and some reflection on how this experience has aided their own and/or other people’s understanding of Psychology. Contact details should be provided for at least one external referee, who can vouch for the student’s activities.

Each application will be assessed on its own merits by Head of Psychology, Psychology Senior Honours Course Organiser, and one additional person (Dr. Richard Shillcock), who will reach a joint decision. Successful students will receive a certificate, and the award will be recorded within their academic record of the student held by the University of Edinburgh.

The award is not intended to apply to activity carried out in the course of assessed academic work (such as the dissertation) or positions held within the school (such as course rep, the Psychology Society, or PsychPALS). Examples of relevant activities engaged in by recent students include working with Nightline, the Samaritans, care work outside the home, and public engagement work (e.g at Camera Obscura and World of Illusions).

The name of the award honours Colwyn Trevarthen, Emeritus Professor of Child Psychology and Psychobiology at the University of Edinburgh. It is prompted by Colwyn’s long and active involvement with nursery education and with the community in the course of his research on infant development.

The report should be completed on the attached form and emailed to Chloe Anderson <> in the Teaching Office on or before Friday 11th June 2021. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application by 30th July.

For further information/queries, contact Dr. Richard Shillcock [0131 6504425].