Intended Learning Outcomes

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Intended Learning Outcomes

The skills that students should develop during a degree in Psychology:

• Knowledge and understanding of psychological theories, concepts, research paradigms and research findings, and the ability to make links to the relevant historical background

• Research skills, including statistical and other data analysis skills, which will equip you to contribute to psychological knowledge

• An awareness of applications and implications of psychological theories and research

• The ability to think critically and creatively about theoretical, empirical and applied issues and their inter-relationships

• An appreciation of the diverse, wide-ranging nature of psychology and an ability to make links between different areas of the discipline

• An understanding of how psychology relates to other disciplines

• Active-learning skills and transferable skills (eg study skills, information retrieval skills, information technology skills, presentation and communication skills, group work skills).


Attendance by ALL students at University classes, lectures, tutorials

The University expects all students to attend all their University classes, lectures and tutorials etc, whether or not these are described as “compulsory” by the School. This includes participating fully in the requirements of all courses, including submitting assignments, contributing to tutorials and workshops or laboratories, attending meetings with Personal Tutors and sitting examinations.

Your attendance will be monitored by the School, so that staff can help you to manage your progress through the courses. We will do this so we can be quickly alerted to any additional pastoral or academic support needs any student might require, and so that the School can provide advice, guidance or support in a timely and useful manner.