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Psychology Outreach Course (PSYL10143)

Course Description
This 20-credit course will allow students to develop expertise in knowledge transfer, outreach and engagement and in some cases, teaching. This is the second time this course is made available to students from Psychology, and you will be able to apply your own expertise, skills and knowledge to an interdisciplinary project based in the School of GeoSciences, with an emphasis on Psychology and related subjects. Previous interdisciplinary projects have focused on topics including climate change, air quality and health, and you will get the opportunity to develop a Psychology related project.

You will have the opportunity to work with an external client aligned to your own areas of interest and expertise. Clients range from local schools, museums and exhibitions, outdoor visitor centres, science centres, community groups and many other organisations. You will (following consultation with your client) develop resources and materials for engagement, which may include classroom teaching resources, leaflets, web resources, apps, events, blogs, presentations or materials for museums, visitor centres, communities, members of the public or young learners.

Opportunities exist to undertake projects that contribute to the development of teaching resources that support the new Scottish school curriculum (Curriculum for Excellence). Recent experience and student feedback strongly indicate that successful completion of the course has proved an important element in enhancing future employment prospects, by helping students develop a range of skills including problem solving and creative thinking, and communicating to different audiences and stakeholders.

A series of workshops are held in semester one covering a range of topics that will help you with the development and delivery of your product. These workshops include sessions on Time and Project Management, Ethics and Social Media, Product Design, Curriculum for Excellence and Interdisciplinary Learning. During semester 1 we will help identify a suitable client, relevant to your particular skills and interests (you can also suggest your own client where appropriate). Following this you will plan and deliver your product following consultation and meetings with your client.

Examples of previous projects
By clicking on the titles below, you will be able to see project flyers created by students who took this course in 2016/2017.
Strengths based workshop at The Welcoming
Stimulating interest in psychology
Introduction to Psychology: Craigroyston Community High School

There are 15 places on this course. If there are more students interested than places available, a shortlist of applicants will be created and these students will then be interviewed by  in March 2019. 

An information session about the Outreach Course was held on 14th February 2019. Click here for a recording of the information session

If you are interested in taking this course, you will need to submit a short (500-word maximum) motivation statement through the online course choice form. The statement will need to answer the following question: Why do you want to take part in the Psychology Outreach Programme (What do you hope to gain? What do you bring to the programme?)?


10% Interim project report

10% Conference presentation

Final Hand-­in:

40% Final product

40% Technical report, diary/log with project management timeline, A4 project flyer

For more information about this course, please contact Dr Chris Egan (

19/02/2019 - 2:05pm