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Course Team

Dr Alex Weiss

Year 4 Organiser

Professor Tim Bates

Lecturer: Causes and Consequences of Personality (PSYL10064)


Dr Morag Donaldson

Lecturer: Children With Language Impairments (PSYL10014)

Dr Chris Egan

Lecturer: Active Vision (PSYL10133)


Professor Catharine Gale

Lecturer: Intelligence, Personality and Health (PSYL10101)


Dr Elena Gherri

Lecturer: Multisensory Integration (PSYL10097)

Dr Mark Hoelterhoff

Lecturer: Psychological Therapies (PSYL10033)

Dr Billy Lee

Lecturer: Psychology of Counselling (PSYL10118)


Professor Robert Logie

Lecturer: Working Memory (PSYL10117)

Dr Steve Loughnan

Lecturer:   Class: The Psychology of Wealth, Poverty, and Social Rank (PSYL10123)

Dr Sarah MacPherson

Lecturer: Frontal Lobe Functions (PSYL10075)

Dr Adam Moore

Lecturer:   Moral Judgment and Behaviour (PSYL10100)

Dr Rene Mottus

Lecturer: Debates in Current Personality (PSYL10120)

Professor Martin Pickering

Lecturer: Psycholinguistics of Language Production (PSYL10027)

Dr Richard Shillcock

Lecturer: Marxist Psychology (PSYL10092)

Dr Sarah Stanton

Lecturer: Intimate Relationships (PSYL10132)

Dr Patrick Sturt

Lecturer: Sentence Processing and Psycholinguistics (PSYL10061)

Professor Caroline Watt

Lecturer: Parapsychology (PSYL10026)