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Lecture Topics


2x 1 hour lecture per week. 


Lectures will provide the main overview of key content areas for the course, with a focus on conceptual and theoretical understanding. Weekly homework questions will be largely based on the lecture content. Where appropriate, reading materials will be provided. We want to strongly encourage you to ask questions in lectures. You will not be the only person with those questions in mind. If you are not comfortable asking questions in lectures, please make use of the lecturer office hours and come and ask your question in person.

Lectures on this course will be recorded, however please note that the course will also involve worked examples which will be completed on black/white boards in the lecture rooms, and questions may also be answered using the boards. As such, please do not use lecture recordings as a replacement for attending. They are intended to use as a revision tool and for situations where occasional lectures are missed due to illness and other circumstances.


Please note that this lecture information is now out of date and has not been updated since 2017/2018. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and are aiming to have the information up to date as soon as possible. Correct information about the RMS3 timetable can be found at the following link - open DRPS timetable