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There are three elements to the assessment in RMS:

  • Homework: 10%
  • Qualitative Research Report: 20% due on 27th February, by 12 noon.
  • Quantitative Research Report: 20% due on 9th April, by 12 noon.
  • Exam (summer): 50%

Homework (10%)

Each week you will complete a homework exercise. In the quantitative section of the course, this will be a multiple choice quiz via LEARN. The questions will be based on the lecture and lab content. In the qualitative section of the course, you will be given varied weekly exercises which feed into the activities in the labs.

Completing Homework

Quantitative homework will be completed electronically through LEARN in the same manner as in RMS1 and RMS2. Homework will be available from 09:00 on Monday and will close at 17:00 on Sunday each week. Feedback on each homework will be available once the homework has closed on Sunday's.

Qualitative homework tasks will be set in lecture/lab. You will be required to bring the completed task to your labs each week.

Calculation of your homework total mark

The quatitative homework makes up 5% of the mark. The mark is calculated as the average of the 5 homework quizzes. 

The qualitative homework makes up 5% of the mark. There will be 5 exercises. Completion of each exercise is worh 1% of the mark. Homework will be checked in labs.

Failure to Complete Homework

Please note, if you miss a homework due to illness or any other reason which would class as a special circumstance, you should contact the Teaching Office and your Personal Tutor and consider completing a special circumstance form.

Research Report (40%)

One of the key skills in applied research is to be able to clearer and formally write up the results of a statistical analysis focused on answering a specific research question. This section of the course assessment is designed to assess this skill.

Quantitative report (20%): This report follows closely the structure of the reports from RMS1 and 2. You will be provided with a data set and a set of research questions. You will be asked to produce a Methods and Results section describing the rationales for the analyses selected and interpreting your results. In addition, you will be asked to provide the R-code used to produce your results, which will be checked for accuracy against what is included in the report itself.

Qualitative report (20%): This report will require you to conduct and describe a piece of qualitative analysis, informed by the lectures and lab exercises. 

Exam (50%)

The exam will take place in the summer digest. It will be a 2 hour exam.

The exam will take place in the summer digest. It will be a 2 hour exam.  As of 2019-2020, you are allowed to bring a two-sided A4 paper of notes with you that can include anything you may find relevant to have with you during the exam (i.e. equations, code examples).  The exam will consist of three sections.

  1. Qualitative (50%): This section will contain a series of short answer questions on the qualitative component of the course.  
  2. Quantitative MCQ (30%): This section will contain 15 MCQ questions on the quantitative component of the course.
  3. Quantitative (20%): This section will have a small number of short answer questions on the quantitative content of the course. 

Pass Grade

Pass Grade

To pass RMS student's must achieve an average mark across all assessments of 40%.