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Course Organizer: Dr. Sue Widdicombe

Content overview

Despite its (inherited) name, this year, the course will provide a conceptual and practical introduction to the use of qualitative methodologies in psychological research, with a particular focus on discursive psychological and interpretative phenomenological analyses. It will not cover any statistics. Instead, it will present the rationale for the various qualitative approaches and their underlying epistemologies, and engage students in current debates regarding ethics, epistemology, and evaluation of qualitative research within Psychology. It will introduce different ways of collecting qualitative data, such as interviews, internet data and recording naturally occurring data. It will demonstrate and compare several ways of analyzing qualitative data, including discursive psychological (DP) analysis, interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA), and thematic analysis; and provide extended practical experience in conducting and reporting a DP analysis.

The course will be taught through a series of bite-size lectures, online discussions, homework activities, and practical tutorials, all of which are designed to give students practical experience in design, data collection and analysis which will feed in to producing and reporting a DP research project.