1x 1 hour lab each week.

Due to the number of students enrolled in this course, there are multiple timetabled lab sessions. Please sign up to one of these and attend this same session each week. Please sign up to lab session via LEARN.

Lab sessions will provide the main opportunity to practice completing statistical analyses in R. Both statistics and computer software require practice, so please make sure you attend all labs, and do all related exercises.

Problem Sets

The weekly problem sets act as a bridge from the more theory based lecture content, to the more practical labs. Unlike in RMS1 in year 2, problem sets for RMS2 focus more on the interpretation and understanding of model specification and results and how to write up results. There is far less hand calculation due to the increased complexity of the methods we are discussing. Understanding and conducting statistical analyses takes practice, and the problem sets form a core part of guided practice on this course.

The problem sets should be completed before arriving at the taught lab sessions. See the course Study Guide on LEARN for suggestions on time planning.


The topics of both the problem sets and labs will follow the content of lectures. See the Lectures section in this handbook and the Course Details page on LEARN for a summary.