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Course Team

Professor Caroline Watt

Course Leader

Sue Widdicombe

Dr Sarah Stanton,

Course organiser for Motivation and Emotion

Dr Alex Doumas

Lecturer & Course Organiser

Professor Wendy Johnson

Dr Mark Hoelterhoff

I have been working in the field of mental health for over 20 years. My clinical experience includes settings within private practise and third sector mental health organisations in the USA and UK. I’ve provided individual and family psychotherapy to clients who have wide-ranging mental health experiences; I promote developing strengths to enable individuals and communities to thrive. My work is based on positive psychology which is founded in the belief that people want to find meaning, develop their potential and live fulfilling lives.  In addition to health care settings, I’ve worked at several higher education institutions before coming to the University of Edinburgh. 

Dr Elena Gherri (Year 3 Course Organiser)

Year 3 Course Organiser

Dr Adam Moore

Lecturer, Course Organiser of Thinking and Reasoning

Dr Morag Donaldson

Lecturer, Development of Language, Literacy and Communication

Dr Sarah MacPherson

Lecturer, Learning and Memory

Dr Patrick Sturt

Lecturer, Course Organiser of Psychology of Language

Dr Hugh Rabagliati

Lecturer, Course Organiser of Development of Language, Literacy and Communication

Dr René Mõttus

Lecturer, Course Organiser of Human Personality

Dr Steve Loughnan

Lecturer, Course Organiser of Social Psychology: Experimental and Applied Approaches

Dr Michelle Luciano

Room S26, 7 George Square

ext 503 063

Dr Alexa Morcom

Lecturer, Course Organiser of Learning and Memory

Dr Nicolas Chevalier

Lecturer, Course Organiser of Cognitive Development in Children

Dr Robert McIntosh

Course Organiser for Perception, Action, Cognition

Dr Thomas Bak

Critical Analysis course organiser

Office hours: Tuesday 3pm to 5pm.


Dr Eva Murzyn

Teaching Coordinator

I am the Teaching Coordinator for Psychology 3. If you have any questions about lab and tutorial schedules, assessment, attendance or the Learn page, you can email me (; 01316503425) or visit my office (G10, ground floor of the Psychology Department, 7 George Square) during office hours (Tuesdays, 13:00-15:00) or by appointment arranged via email.