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Honours Course choices

You can find the document with Honours Options information here

Other news:

Psychology 2A runs in Semester 1 and Psychology 2B runs in Semester 2. Both are core courses for any Psychology degree students. And both courses can be taken as outside courses, together or separately and given prerequisites.

For session 2018/19 we are introducing a new method of tutorial assessment: short MCQ quizzes that will be based on the set reading for the tutorial and that will be given at the start of each tutorial. This will encourage students to arrive prepared for the tutorial. The MCQ questions are written by the lecturers for that part of the course. The lecturers also write the MCQ questions for the exam, so the tutorial MCQs will also give you some practice for the exam MCQs. Win win!

For the 2B Language lectures, Dr Neil Bramley will be taking over from Prof Holly Branigan.