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There are three elements to the assessment in RMS:

  1. Homework: 25%
  2. Research Report: 25%
  3. Exam (summer): 50%

Homework (25%)

Each week you will complete a multiple choice quiz via LEARN. The homework questions will be based on the lecture and lab content. The idea behind weekly assessment is to provide regular feedback on your progression to enable you to better seek further help as it is needed, and to encourage continual engagement with the course. The homework also acts as exam revision as the style of questions will be identical to section A of the exam (see below).

Completing Homework

Homework will be completed electronically through LEARN. Weeks 1 and 2 will act as practice tests to make sure that you understand how to find, open, complete and submit the homework. If you have any issues with your personal laptops accessing the homework, please contact IT support and complete homework on a University computer until you are confident the problem has been resolved.

Advice on preparation for completing homework is available in the Course Study Guide on LEARN.

Homework will be available from 09:00 on Monday and will close at 17:00 on Sunday each week. Feedback on each homework will be available once the homework submission deadline has passed on each Sunday.

Calculation of your homework total mark

This course covers 20 weeks. Homework in the first two weeks does not count towards your final grade. The final homework grade is calculated as the average mark of your highest 14 quiz scores out of the remaining 18 weeks.

Failure to Complete Homework

The calculation of your total mark means that you are able to miss up to 4 homework quizzes without any direct impact on your total grade. However, please note, if you miss a homework due to illness or any other reason which would class as a special circumstance, you should contact the Teaching Office and your Personal Tutor and consider completing a special circumstance form.

We strongly recommend that you complete all homework exercises to the best of your ability to ensure you get the highest grade possible.


Research Report (Semester 2: 25%)

A key skill in using statistical analysis is to be able to select and carry out the right test to answer specific research questions. In this assessment you will be asked to complete a series of small analyses to answer a set of specific questions, and to provide accurate reporting and interpretation of the results. In addition, you will be asked to provide the R-code used to produce your results, which will be checked for accuracy against what is included in the report itself. During the year we will practice these skills in the labs and problem sets, and provide you with guidance on how to formally write up results.


Exam (Semester 2: 50%)

The exam will take place in the summer digest. It will be a 2 hour exam.  As of 2019-2020, you are allowed to bring a two-sided A4 paper of notes with you that can include anything you may find relevant to have with you during the exam (i.e. equations, code examples).  The exam will consist of three sections:

  1. Multiple Choice (20%): This section will contain 20 multiple choice questions each worth one mark. These questions will be identical in form to those you have been completing in the weekly homework quizzes.
  2. R-code and Interpretation (40%): The questions will concern writing short lines of code, and interpretation of code and analysis output. These questions will be of the type you have completed in your labs and problem sets.
  3. Calculation (40%): The questions will require you to hand calculate some statistical results from the data provided. These questions will be highly similar to those completed as part of your problem sets and to the work examples done in class.

For more information and guidance on completing the open book exam and how to prepare, see the course study guide on LEARN.


Pass Grade and Progression to Psychology Honours

Pass Grade

To pass RMS student's must achieve an average mark across all assessments of 40%.

Progression to Honours

In order to progress into Psychology Honours, students must achieve an average mark at first attempt of 40% in RMS, and achieve a mark of 50% in Psychology 2. Please note that the pass grade and grade for progression into honours are different for RMS and Psychology 2.


A 100% exam resit will be held in August for students who receive a failing grade (<40%).

August Exams as a 1st sit

Students who are absent from the April/May exams due to special circumstances (e.g. on medical grounds) may be given permission to take the August exams as a first sitting. A special circumstances form (with appropriate supporting evidence) should in this instance be submitted to our Student Support Officers and individual cases will be considered by a Special Circumstances Committee.

The Special Circumstances Committee will inform students on an individual basis which paper(s) to sit and whether coursework marks will be carried forward.

Students who are permitted to take the August exams as a 1st sit will be eligible to enter Honours if they meet the standard criteria.