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Tutorials 2B

Psychology 2B tutorials reinforce the content of the corresponding lectures. Before each tutorial, students are expected to read one or two papers (see Learn) on the topic. These papers will then be discussed in the tutorial.

After each tutorial, students are expected to write a short (about 150 words) summary about the topic covered in the tutorial. These summaries are assessed and the marks contribute towards the final course mark (2% each). The summaries must be not be copies of or merely rephrase the Abstracts of the discussion papers. The summaries should reflect the discussion in the tutorial and/or student's opinion on the topic.

For specific assessment criteria and an example of tutorial report, see LEARN.

Psychology 2B tutorials take place on Mondays at 3.10pm and Tuesdays at 10.00am. During the period when tutorials take place, each student is expected to attend one tutorial in every two weeks (i.e., four tutorials per semester). For the time and location of your tutorial see Learn.