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Labs 2B

The purpose of labs is to provide hands-on experience with some aspects of the material covered in the lectures. Also, labs aim to teach transferrable skills that are useful beyond specific subjects such as using literature databases or making presentations.

Psychology 2B labs take place on Mondays (2pm to 4pm) and Wednesdays (2pm to 4pm) (Teaching Studio LG 07, David Hume Tower). During the period when labs take place, each student is expected to attend one lab in every two weeks (i.e., four labs in total). For the time and location of your lab see Learn.

Labs are associated with tasks on which students are assessed. These assessments contribute towards the final course mark.


Memory and Amnesia: Learning Lab

In this Lab, students will fact-check an exam revision tips leaflet, and will work on creating a better, evidence-based study advice for their peers. 


Cognitive neuroscience: Making your brain learn about your brain

In this lab, students will have a hands on opportunity to learn about brain structure and function. Knowledge of the structure of the brain, and the functional roles of different brain areas, is vital for a proper understanding of psychology. Here, you will be using a variety of different tools to explore the organization of the human brain and relate that structure back to your psychology lectures.


Language: Explaining language-related phenomena to lay people

In this lab, students will work in groups and look for information on a specific language-related phenomenon (e.g., bilingual language intrusions or language illusions). Based on the information, each group will produce a draft for a simple description (aimed at non-expert lay people) of the phenomenon they have been working on. Students will finish the sketches individually after the lab.


Perception Lab

The labs will prepare you for the presentation assessment. You will work in small groups to develop an explanation of specific visual illusions.