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Course Team

Dr Peter Lamont

Course Organiser

Feel free to email me to arrange a meeting.

Dr Tom Booth

Senior Lecturer

Professor Wendy Johnson

Individual Differences lecturer

Email for appointment.


Dr David Gillanders

Abnormal Psychology lecturer

Dr Dan Mirman

Language Psychology lecturer

Office hours: Wednesday 3-4pm and Thursday 1-2pm
If you are unable to make these set hours, please email me to arrange an appointment.

Dr Hannah Cornish

Language Psychology lecturer

My office hours are Tuesdays 2pm-3pm, and Thursdays 11am-12pm

Dr Helena Radke

Lecturer in Social Psychology

Email to make an appointment

Dr Eva Murzyn

Teaching Coordinator

I am the Teaching Coordinator for Psychology 2A and 2B. If you have any questions about lab and tutorial schedules, assessment, attendance or the Learn page, you can email me (; 01316503425) or visit my office (G10, ground floor of the Psychology Department, 7 George Square) during office hours (Monday 10-11am, Wednesday 1pm-2pm) or by appointment arranged via email.