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Assessment 2A

The final mark consists of the following pieces of assessment: 

1. Exam (60%*): 25 multiple-choice questions (30%) and 2 open-ended questions* (15% each)

2. Literature summary (20%): Due Thursday 19th November, 12.00 noon

3. Lab reports (12% **)

4. Tutorial participation (8% ***)

* Multiple-choice questions are based on all lectures. For open-ended questions, students can chose from among four topics, each pertaining to one core lecture topic; the answers are short essays.

** There are four labs, but only three will contribute to this mark, each 4% (the remaining lab is preparation for literature summary).

*** There are four tutorials, each contributing 2%.


Examination period:

10 - 21 December 2020


Marking policy

Click here for general information on marking policy. To find out more about the processes that help to ensure that marks are fair and reliable, click here.

All marks that are returned to students throughout the year are provisional until confirmed by the Exam Board in January.


Report deadlines and penalties

Tutorial and lab reports are expected to be handed in within 48 hours from the end of the respective tutorial or lab. For each calendar day that work is late, the mark will be reduced by 5%. On day 6, those who have still not submitted the work receive a mark of zero.


Progression to honours years

Entry to Psychology honours (years 3 and 4) requires a mean mark of 50% or above for Psychology 2A and Psychology 2B combined, and a mark of 40% or above in DAPR2, all at the first attempt. In addition, students must have obtained at least 200 credits over years 1 and 2. 



A student whose overall final mark is a fail (< 40%) at the first attempt, must take a resit examination. Normally, the marks of other assessment components are not carried forward, unless the exam board decides otherwise.


August exams as a 1st sit

Students who are absent from the exam due to special circumstances (e.g. on medical grounds) may be given permission to take the August exams as a first sitting. A special circumstances form (with appropriate supporting evidence) should in this instance be submitted to our Student Support Officers and individual cases will be considered by a Special Circumstances Committee.

The Special Circumstances Committee will inform students on an individual basis which paper(s) to sit and whether coursework marks will be carried forward.

Students who are permitted to take the August exams as a 1st sit will be eligible to enter Honours if they meet the standard criteria.