Psychology 2 representatives (Reps)

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Psychology 2 representatives (Reps)

Reps are the main communication channel between students and staff. They represent students to staff and staff to fellow students.

Reps collect feedback from fellow students on Psychology 2 course. If students have suggestions or concerns relating to the content, organization and teaching of Psychology 2, they can contact Reps. Reps collate the information and communicate this to staff. Staff is extremely interested in suggestions and feedback on Psychology 2 course in order to make the course better for both current and future students. Your Reps sit on the Staff-Student Liaison Committee, which normally meets twice per semester.

Staff can also communicate information to students via Reps.

For any general suggestions and concerns, communication via Reps is preferable to contacting lecturers or course organizer directly because this helps to structure information flow better and avoid misunderstandings due to multiple communication routes.

Finally, Psychology 2 Reps meet Reps of other years, so they can also ask about the experiences of older students and reflect these to fellow students.