1x 2 hour lab per week.

In dapR1 we have more lab hours than lecture. This is because we recognise that working with data in R is a skill that requires hands-on practice. Lab sessions will usually be split into two sections. In the first hour, your lab leader will provide an interactive teacher-led practical, working through examples of the tasks and skills you will be learning that week. In the second part of the lab, you will be given some tasks and problems to solve as a group. These will require you to use not only the learning from the first half of the lab (and previous weeks), but also to have a go at independent problem solving (don't worry, we will provide you with lots of tips as we go along). The key point here is it is OK to get things wrong, to trial and error ideas until you find a solution. This is a great way to learn new things.

Independent Learning

Sometimes it may not be possible to complete all of the lab content within the lab hours. When this happens, please complete the lab exercises as an independent learning task and come to office hours if you want to discuss any issues. 


In many weeks, the content of the lecture and lab will have obvious links, but this will not always be the case. Please do not feel concerned when weeks do not align. Sometimes content suits lectures and labs, sometimes one or the other. By the end of the course, you will see (we hope) how the different sets of skills work together in conducting successful data analysis for psychological research questions. 

Week by week content of both lectures and labs can be found on the Course Details page in LEARN.