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Tutorials 1B

Psychology 1 tutorials reinforce the content of the corresponding lectures and labs, and provide a chance to think about the material you are learning in a big-picture way. This is also a chance to meet your fellow students in a small group setting.

To gain marks for tutorial participation you MUST read the allocated article for the tutorial, and write your summaries of the papers in your hard-copy tutorial workbook. This preparation before the tutorial will equip you to participate in the tutorial discussion. If you do not bring the short, handwritten summaries to the tutorial, you will not be awarded any marks for participating in that tutorial. Emailing a summary after the tutorial has taken place will not result in you being awarded this mark; you must bring the answers with you to the tutorial.

Psychology 1 tutorials take place on every day of the week, Monday through Friday. Each student is expected to attend one tutorial in every two weeks. For the time and location of your tutorial see your timetable.

Note: The final part of your assessment is based upon tutorial and research participation. Absence from a tutorial without good reason, or a failure to participate in the tutorial, will lead to a deduction of points from your overall mark. If you think/know you will miss a tutorial for any reason, you must contact the Course Secretary (psyinfo@ed.ac.uk) in the PPLS Undergraduate Teaching Office as soon as possible to explain the reason.