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Assessment 1B

Coursework and Exams

Your final mark is based upon an exam, essay, lab, tutorial, study skills and research participation (all components are mandatory).

The breakdown of the course mark is as follows:

Final MCQ Test = 45%

Tutorial essay = 31%

Tutorial (4 tutorials) = 8%

Practical = 16%


Test Details

The final MCQ test will consist of 50 multiple choice questions covering the content of lectures, tutorial readings, and the textbook. The test will take 1 hour but you will have a 72 hour window to take it.


Item of Work Date of Submission Date of Return
Tutorial Essay 2pm, Thurs 11th March 2021 Thurs 1st April 2021
Final Exam 26th - 28th April 2021 TBC

How to submit essays

There is 1 essay for Psychology 1B, of up to 1200 words in length. Guidelines on writing essays can be found in the Tutorial Workbook.

Submission deadline 2pm, Thursday 11th March 2021

All essays must be word-processed, and submitted by the deadline.

An electronic copy must be submitted via Turnitin, the plagiarism detection software where the essay will be marked, and feedback and comments provided on the electronic copy. A link to Turnitin will be available in Learn via MyEd.

Penalties for late submission

The submission deadline must be observed. Failure to comply with the deadline without good reason will incur mark penalties as follows:

  • Up to 7 calender days, 5 marks per calender day will be deducted
  • More than 7 calender days late a mark of zero will be given


Essay return

Marks and feedback will be returned within 3 weeks. The Course Secretary will email if the date changes.


Tutorial Reports and Lab Participation

Your tutorial assignments are in the tutorial workbook, and must be completed in handwriting prior to your tutorial meeting. Your tutor will check these assignments and give points for completion. Lab participation is graded on the day of your lab meeting, and the relevant materials are also printed in your tutorial and lab handbook. In addition, for your lab completion mark to be awarded, you must complete and hand in the assigned short answer work (to be provided with lab materials).


Research Participation

You are required to participate in 4 hours of research over the course of the semester. Here are some tips for how to find studies and claim your credit:

  • Complete the SONA Participant tutorial:
  • Use your University of Edinburgh email address
  • Only sign up for your course(s) (and Volunteering/Paid pool if you wish)
  • Ensure credits are assigned to the correct course (My Schedule/Credits)
  • 3 unexcused no-shows results in 1 hour deducted
  • Participants’ credits are set to zero at the end of each semester, when total accrued credits have been passed to the teaching office
  • Participants are deleted from the system at the end of each academic year
  • Participants cannot accrue credits prior to the start of the semester

The deadline for gathering your credits will be Thursday, 6th May 2021, at 4pm. 


Assessment Guidelines

You can find the description of how marks are awarded here. Tutorial and lab grades are awarded on the basis of completion and timing.


Visiting Students

Single-Semester and Full-Year Visiting Students: your mark is computed in the same manner as described above.



A student whose overall final mark is a fail (< 40%) at the first attempt, must sit the exam in the resit examination, which contributed 100% of the final mark for the course. Normally, the marks of other assessment components are not carried forward, unless the exam board decides otherwise.


August exams as a 1st sit

Students who are absent from the December exams due to special circumstances (e.g. on medical grounds) may be given permission to take the August exams as a first sitting. A special circumstances form (with appropriate supporting evidence) should in this instance be submitted to our Student Support Officers and individual cases will be considered by a Special Circumstances Committee.

The Special Circumstances Committee will inform students on an individual basis which paper(s) to sit and whether coursework marks will be carried forward.


Note for students on Tier 4 Visa

As part of your visa, you are required to attend all of your University classes, lectures, tutorials, labs, etc. where required. This includes participating in the requirements of your course including submitting assignments, attending meetings with tutors, and attending examinations. If you cannot attend due to illness, for example, you must inform your School.



There is further information here about plagiarism.