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Teaching-related questions:

  • Kasia Banas (Senior Teaching Coordinator; 7GS, room G10; phone: 0131 651 4521)
  • Psyinfo (Course Secretaries; DSB room G.06; 0131 651 3733 or 0131 650 3602)
  • Your Class Representatives (Kayleigh Ann Smith and Emilia Janiczek)
  • Lecturers all advertise office hours on their office doors and/or websites, you should use these (or send an email) for following up on class material (e.g. further reading, help with understanding).

Academic progress and discussions:

  • Your personal tutor (see here for description of their role within PPLS, though note that some meetings are subject-area-specific in Year 1).

Personal difficulties or general progression quries:

  • Student Support Officers for advice on how to manage your workload and where to seek additional support (DSB; room G.03)

Special circumstances (e.g, illness, longer absence that is likely to affect your academic performance):

Comments regarding the course:

  • Course Organizer for your Year (Adam Moore)
  • Your Class Representatives (Kayleigh Ann Smith and Emilia Janiczek)
  • Director of Teaching (Alexa Morcom)
  • Head of Psychology (Martin Corley) – comments can also be posted physically in the Comments Box outside Martin’s office.

Department information

If you’re not sure who to ask, please contact the Teaching Coordinator for your Year (Kasia Banas) who will advise.

But check out the FAQ first for more detailed advice on who to talk to in particular situations.