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Professor Sergio Della Sala


Professor Tim Bates

Lecturer, Doing and Communicating Psychological Research A

Office hours: Monday 11am to 12pm

Dr Anne Templeton

Lecturer, Doing and Communicating Psychology

My over-arching research interest is applying the social identity approach to intra and intergroup processes. My research primarily focusses on crowd psychology and using principles of group identity to improve crowd safety in emergencies and at mass events. I do this through exploring a) the role of group identity on feelings of safety, empowerment, and well-being, b) processes underlying communication between crowd members and safety personnel, and c) incorporating the role of group identities into computer models of collective movement. 

More broadly, I am interested in processes underlying prejudice and stigmatisation (and how these can be overcome), the role of collective action and efficacy in political change, and antecedents to political behaviour. 

Dr Aja Murray

Lecturer, Doing and Communicating Psychology

I joined the Department of Psychology, University of Edinburgh as a Lecturer in Psychology with Quantitative Focus in 2018. My research focusses on developmental aspects of mental health and quantitative methodology.  Prior to joining the department, I was a Research Fellow at Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge where I researched developmental trajectories of mental health issues and their comorbidity. I also previously worked as a Research Associate in the Violence Research Centre at the University of Cambridge. There I worked on developmental trajectories of ADHD symptoms and conduct problems in the Zurich Project on Social Development from Childhood to Adulthood (z-proso). 

Dr Alexander Weiss

Lecturer, Individual Differences

Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday 2pm to 4pm (room B18 in 7 George Square)

Dr Ethel Quayle

Lecturer, Abnormal Psychology

University profile

In order to arrange a meeting, please email

Dr Bonnie Auyeung

Lecturer, Developmental Psychology

In order to arrange a meeting, please email

Dr Stephen Loughnan

Lecturer, Social Psychology

Office hours: Monday 3pm to 5pm.

Dr Eva Murzyn

Teaching Coordinator

I am the Teaching Coordinator for Psychology 2A and 2B. If you have any questions about lab and tutorial schedules, assessment, attendance or the Learn page, you can email me (; 01316503425) or visit my office (G10, ground floor of the Psychology Department, 7 George Square) during office hours (Monday 10-11am, Wednesday 1pm-2pm) or by appointment arranged via email.