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Course Team 1A

Kayleigh Ann Smith

Class Representative

Kayleigh is one of the Psychology 1 Class Representatives. You can email her at

Emilia Janiczek

Class Representative

Emilia is one of the Psychology 1 Class Representatives. You can email her at

Martin Corley

Dr. Martin Corley

Head of Psychology

Dr. Corley studied Psychology and Linguistics at Edinburgh as an undergraduate before moving to Exeter, where he worked as a Research Fellow and completed his PhD.  He moved back to Edinburgh to take up a lectureship in 1995. He specializes in statistical methods, the psychology of language production and comprehension.

Dr. Sarah MacPherson

Dr. Sarah MacPherson

Senior Lecturer

Dr. MacPherson's work focuses on frontal lobe functions such as memory, executive abilities, and social cognition in healthy ageing and damaged brains.

Dr. Christopher Egan


Chris joined the Psychology team in the summer of 2017 and teaches perception. He is interested in eye-movement behaviour in real-world and simulated environments. 

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Dr Alex Weiss

Dr Alex Weiss


Dr Alex Weiss studies personality and wellbeing in humans, non-human primates, and other animals by combining personality with genetics and evolutionary research. He receieved his PhD from the University of Arizona, completed a post-doctoral research fellowship at the National Institute for Aging, and joined the Unversity of Edinburgh in 2006.

Wendy Johnson

Prof. Wendy Johnson


Professor Johnson's specialty is individual differences in intelligence and personality, how these interact across the lifespan, and the genetic contributions to this process and its outcomes.

Adam Moore

Dr Adam Moore

Course Organiser, Lecturer

Dr Adam Moore is the Course Organiser for Psychology 1, and teaches the narrative/big picture lectures that precede each set of two topics. He received his PhD from Princeton University before completing a post-doctoral research position at the Center for Advanced Brain Imaging, at the Georgia Institute for Technology. He joined the University of Edinburgh in 2012.

Kasia Banas

Dr Kasia Banas

Teaching Coordinator Years 1 and 4

Kasia is the Teaching Coordinator for Psychology 1. If you have any questions about content or anything else, you can email her (; 01316504521) or visit her office (ground floor of the Psychology Department, 7 George Square) during office hours (or by appointment arranged via email).

Ms Catherine Renton

Teaching Administrator

Catherine is the Teaching Administrator working with Psychology 1A and 1B. You can contact her by email ( or by phone: 0131 650 3602