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Is my degree accredited by British Psychological Society?

British Psychological Society (BPS) accreditation

The Single and Combined Honours degree programmes in Psychology that are listed below are accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) as conferring eligibility for the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC) provided the minimum standard of a Lower Second Class Honours is achieved, in addition to successfully completing the research project (Year 4 Dissertation in Psychology). This is the first step towards becoming a Chartered Psychologist.

If you intend to practice as a professional psychologist, you first need to obtain an undergraduate degree that confers eligibility for GBC. Then you would need to undertake further training in the form of a relevant postgraduate degree and supervised practice before you would be eligible to become a Chartered Psychologist and to work independently as a psychologist. For further information, see here.

The following degree programmes are accredited by the BPS as conferring eligibility for GBC:

Single Honours

  • MA (Hons) Psychology
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology

Combined Honours

  • MA (Hons) Psychology and Business
  • MA (Hons) Psychology and Economics
  • MA (Hons) Psychology and Linguistics
  • MA (Hons) Philosophy and Psychology
  • MA (Hons) Sociology and Psychology

For Single Honours degrees, all standard pathways, as specified in the relevant Degree Programme Table (DPT), are accredited, with the condition that students must take a selection of Year 3 and Year 4 courses that cover all of the five core areas of Psychology (cognitive psychology, biological psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, individual differences). The sama also applies to combined honours degrees, with an additional condition that students take the RMS2 and RSM3 courses, Dissertation in Psychology (Year 4).

The degrees of students who spend their Junior Honours Year abroad are not automatically accredited by the BPS. However, such students may apply to the BPS for GBC on an individual basis and after graduation. If you are considering doing this, it is important that you select honours level courses to cover the five core areas and courses equivalent to the RMS2 and RMS3. On your return, in final year, you must cover the remaining of the five core areas you did not cover abroad, with a maximum of three core areas covered abroad being allowed to count. Many ERASMUS destinations do not offer Qualitative Methods courses taught in English. Therefore, students returning from ERASMUS exchanges should take RMS3, unless they have taken a qualitative methods course in the host language. In all cases, exchange students should consult with the International Co-ordinator at their destination, as well as the Exchanges Co-ordinator here in Edinburgh, when selecting courses and finalising your Learning Agreement. Note that up to 20 Edinburgh-equivalent (10 ECTS) credits may be taken in outside courses.

The following honours degree programmes are not accredited as conferring eligibility for GBC:

  • BMedSci (Hons) Psychology
  • BSc (Hons) Cognitive Science
  • MA Cognitive Sciences (Humanities)