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Are lectures recorded?

Yes, most Psychology 1 and 2 lectures are audio-recorded and the recordings are coupled with slides. However, some lecturers have preferred to opt out from recording the lectures.

The recordings are available in LEARN. You may also want to consult the document below on recording for academic purposes.

Top tips for using the lecture recordings:

  1. If you attended the live lecture, watching the full recording again is not an effective use of your time. Instead, think about the bits of the lecture that you struggled to understand, and only rewatch those. The act of thinking about which bits you found difficult will help you learn!
  2. If you missed the lecture, watch the recording in full and take notes as normal. Then, if you need a recap, follow the advice in point 1.
  3. Don’t use the recordings as a substitute for attending lectures. Research evidence shows that students who attend live lectures perform better, and the best students do both: attend the live lecture first, and then use the recording to revise any sections they found difficult.
  4. There is strong evidence that distributed learning (i.e. spreading out your learning, rather than cramming it all just before the exam) is the most effective. Try watching a bit each week, instead of binge-watching at the end of the semester.

If you would like to know more about this, you can read a review of the literature here: Nordmann, E., & McGeorge, P. (2018). Lecture capture in higher education: time to learn from the learners.